Every step I take

Is a step towards my destiny.

My spirit is free with will

I carry the power to decide what flows,

and what lays still.

The further I walk along this journey, my pace quickens.

I understand more

and I seek less.

As I move, I feel the pull of those distracted and consumed.

They change their path and with that,

Their form.

Once friends

Now foes.


This is my path,

I decide what lays still and what flows

My aura tainted from the decisions I’ve had to make


Show me a God that can save every soul

and I shall stand before him,

As the devil that refuses to judge a single soul.


Knowledge Is Power

Good and Evil,

Always talked about and referred to by many religions and cultures. Some say Good and Evil does not exist.

The truth is, Good and Evil is a metaphor to the definitions of Logic and Emotion.


Logic: reasoning conducted or assessed according to strict principles of validity.

Logic is the part of us that makes decisions based on what we think is what makes sense. For example, let’s take into account a murder. Murder can be committed by anyone with enough reason. Let’s take into account three different scenarios of murder.

A) A man named Lester saw a woman he was infatuated with behind a liquor store and she denied him what he wanted, sex. Lester is prone to acting out on his emotions and gets angry with her and attempts to rape her, but she resists so he kills her. He leaves her body behind the building and runs away.

B) Unlike Lester, John tends to think about his actions before he acts on them. John goes to a bar and sees a woman that he is infatuated with. When she denies John of sex, he considers his options.

  1. We are in a lonely part of the bar, I can just force her to give me what I want. That would make me a rapist. If she resists and escapes and attempts to call the police, I may have to kill her, which makes me a murderer.
  2. I can just walk away and not get what I want.

He decides that he doesn’t want to leave empty handed and goes with his first option to rape the woman. She resists and tries to escape threatening to yell and call the police so he pulls her into the bathroom and beats her to death after raping her.

C) The third scenario involves a man named Tyler. Tyler is at the same bar as John and witnesses John drag a woman to the bathroom while she tries to resist with a hand over her mouth that prevents her from yelling. Tyler quickly considers his options.

  1. He can ignore what he just saw and assume that they are both fine.
  2. He can see if she is safe with that man in the bathroom, if not he would intervene.

Instead of ignoring the situation, he goes with the second option. He runs to the bathroom and sees John raping the woman while also beating her unconscious. Tyler decides to save the woman and attempts to shove and punch John but John is much stronger. Tyler pulls out his pocket knife and stabs John to death which results in saving the woman.

All three scenarios involve a murder. John and Tyler’s scenario involve more logic than Lester’s scenario. Although John used logic, he still committed a guilty murder. Tyler used logic to save the woman. Presented are two examples of what would be considered evil and one example of good.

Selfish acts are committed every day. Thieves steal food to prevent starvation, gangsters murder for money, and business owners supply weapons to countries in war for profit. Although some acts are committed purely for greed and selfish intentions, some acts are committed for survival, and some acts are committed for the benefit of others. A thief stealing food for their own survival and a thief stealing for the survival of their community are both thieves, but both have a logical reason for stealing. A different example is John murdering to prevent the woman from calling the police to have him arrested and Tyler murdering John to save the woman from being killed. Both used logic reasoning for murder.


Emotion: a natural instinctive state of mind deriving from one’s circumstances, mood, or relationships with others.

Sadness and happiness are both emotions that humans feel at one point in their life. What makes each individual feel these emotions vary from each person. Some emotions are easy to distinguish while others make us cringe and question a person’s morality. Provided are three scenarios how one emotion such as happiness can differ in people.

A) Jamie is a teenager who grew up on a farm with cows, horses and chickens. She grew up to love animals as if they were family and friends. One day she came home from school and found a puppy in the living room. Her parents gifted her the puppy for her birthday. She was ecstatic to play with the puppy. She gave the puppy a name and vowed to be the puppy’s best companion.

B) Christopher lives with his parents and younger sibling. Christopher is a teenager and loves playing playing football and chess. He loves taking care of his younger sibling and teaching him skills such as chess and sports. Although, Christopher also finds it fun and exciting to terrorize his sibling. Sometimes Christopher will use his words to make his younger sibling believe a story that is not true. For example, Christopher will tell his younger sibling that the family dog has been run over and that is the reason why he is currently not at the house, when in reality, the dog is at the vet.

C) Mindy was born and raised in the city of Phoenix and currently lives there. She doesn’t have many friends due to her awkwardness. She rarely lives in the present moment and no one can relate to her because she’s a serial killer that finds pleasure in calculating the death of others. She has seen therapists and other professionals before she decided this lifestyle to see if anyone can help her find an alternative lifestyle. In the end, she was unable to resist the satisfaction she receives when ending the life of another.

Emotions vary throughout people. It is possible to make someone happy or sad by committing an act that triggers that emotion. At the same time, a person can make themselves happy or sad by acting out on their own. Jamie was gifted a puppy which in turn made her happy. Christopher finds joy in terrorizing his younger sibling while also finds it fulfilling to teach his sibling and play with him. Mindy pursues the satisfaction of committing murder because she can’t find anything else that gives her the same emotion. Always plotting to capture prey, she fails to


It’s important to understand that phase one and two exist. Knowledge of logic and emotion will allow a person to understand that they can be controlled. Some people are emotionally intelligent naturally and others understand the laws of logic more easily. This does not mean that a person is confined to one of the two.

The third phase is controlling thoughts and emotions. A logician is more likely to think while an emotional person is more likely to feel. Once a logician is able to understand that they think about the world more than they feel with the world, they may be able to begin understanding how to feel the world. Likewise, once an emotional person is able to understand that they naturally feel the emotions of the world, they may be able to begin understanding how to think about the logic of the world.

Once control of thoughts and emotions is reached, a person will have perspectives of both in their daily life. There will be struggles of trying to decide which perspective to base their decisions off of, but instincts come into play when it becomes difficult to decide. The third eye is opened when a person masters the logic and emotion side to themselves. They will begin walking the Earth with a newfound knowledge of how to communicate with the world. They are in tune with their thoughts and can form well constructed ideas and theories and present them to all beings. They are also able to understand the emotions other beings may be feeling and can adapt to their environment or create a new one.


At this point, the bearer of this mindset has all the tools capable to reach the ultimate level of being. At this level, the bearer gains the opportunity to decide how they want to live their life with this newfound power. Their decision, whether it is “Good” or  “Evil”, will be pursued with a velocity unmatched by others. They hold the reigns to their vessel and shall steer to anything that guides their soul. Decisions made from this point will create consequences to life in the world.


They say if you love a flower don’t pick it because once it’s picked it will die and cease to be what you loved. This I thought as I passed a single rose on a rose bush. The flower was unlike any other I had seen. With a red that was almost maroon and tips of the night’s black, it was a petal with an ambiguity of beauty.

It was a reflection of the beauty the world swims in. I couldn’t help but think about the most beautiful woman I had seen as I examined the flower. She was so much like the rose in the way this woman made me visualize a beautiful life.

I did not want to be the cause of death to this flower as I did not want to possess this woman as an object of beauty. Although, I fail to resist the urge to pursue the passion that this flower has ignited within me.

Instead of living life picking the flowers I love, I choose to live life as the source of life and growth of all things beautiful. The flowers will not resist waving their petals and they will blush as the man that planted their seeds, quenched their thirst, and provided a loving environment for their beauty to flourish walks by them.

The woman I love will wake every morning fulfilled with love and adoration. Her happiness will be overflowing with every smile and laughter she gives. Her eyes reflecting pure joy and contentment when she lays eyes on the man that allowed her soul the opportunity to blossom into the rose she is. Amidst all of her beauty, she never fails to fear the possibility of his love for her to one day vanish. Her fears dissipate when he caresses her by her thorn-filled stem and holds her tight as he vows to never ease his hold and to never pick his flower.

Interior Design

Time goes on

Dull and grey

We decorate the room

Until the wood decays


A child falls out of their seat!

The walls blink and start looking around in panic! The mother hurriedly appears from the ceiling lights to aid her child!

A woman appears from the coffee table with ice and a face of worry and murmurs can be heard throughout the room questioning the health of the child!

The child settles

as does the room

People are slowly returning to being tables, chairs, brooms.

All but one,

After a moments pass, every furniture noticed

He’s been seen before

He’s an unwanted moment

“Please return to decor!”

They shouted and yelled

but he remained still.

He looked at the child and witnessed

a spirit being killed

The child was hushed

and the whimpers ignored

But the man couldn’t resist

rebelling a morgue

He approached the child

Flower in hand

Smiled and made silly sounds

she received the gift and thanked the man

instead of a chair, she became dessert.

sugar in a room never hurt

The man smiled and said “Never again.

Never, will I conform.”

and became gelatin.

The Writer

I’m up.

I’m drinking my coffee and I’m doing what I said I would do, write in my book. I’m writing poetry, my life, and my emotions. I’m writing everything down, for what other reason than to play with the words and to remember my exact thoughts on a certain subject.

I’ll write about anything such as Love, Hate, Sadness. I’ll even write narratives, eulogies, or even the thoughts of another person. Currently, I am writing a story of a liquor store and the many characters that reside in it. The only thing I must do now is find a way to publish it and make it my living. What a great living that would be. To be stressed about what I should write next. Until then, I still have to go to work and pay my dues, but I go home with the will to write. As a matter of fact, I will begin researching ways to have my work published.

A thought that always appears in my mind,” What if all of this has no meaning? I write day in and day out and in the end, it was insufficient.” Many recommend not to think this way, but that is a very difficult case. The most I can do is not dwell on the thought, which the word dwell makes more sense to me. I will continue to refuse to dwell on the idea that my efforts will reap no rewards. I firmly believe my writings have a message that can be received by individuals and create an impact in their life. Which of my writings will it be? That I can not tell, but all my pieces carry significance.

Now, there is my daily digest. With that being said, I continue through life. I talk to people that I am paid to talk to, and I ignore those that don’t have any significance to me. I have begun to consider drinking more often just to ease my nerves and mind. I’ll continue to carry around my notepad and I will continue to be inspired by this life.


I am living in solitary confinement

Confined to a bed laid with lies

No matter how much I turn

I never escape

My body refuses to plunge out of what’s so familiar


My mind carries the burden of having to remain under the sheets

There is no doubt

outside of these sheets is a cold world

that preys upon the unlucky and weak

It is natural for one to feel

fear and anxiety at the thought of failure

It is also insane to continue living a life

That tortures the soul

The poisons we bathe in give our souls

a unique scent.

I choose the scent of a soul that bathes in courage.

The courage to believe that in a shower of misfortune, terror, and pain

I shall wreak of success, beauty, and happiness.

Mental ghouls

I have some songs that I keep on repeat

Only switch the song when people ask me

They save me from this


Cycle where happy is lacking

Days have come where the sun’s attacking

Monsters flee when I

Walk in

They shun me like

Im some angel

I would fly but,

My wings are disabled

I meet the Devil’s gaze

He sees himself in I

Holy water dripping down his face

Boiling in his eyes

Two angels out of place

Out of heaven’s grace

If only there was pain, It wouldn’t

Burn to cry

I close the door behind me

No one needs to see my escape

I camouflage life through chivalry

But I leave my cloak home

when it rains.

Life is cruel

Is it me?

Everytime my mood is melancholy

What is the,

Potion to the blue and cloudy

I’m an mvp

Envy me

To the sadness

Surrounding me

Let’s get this cream

Sounding deaf to me

We’re on repeat

you keep on with talking to me

Look at the screen

Tell me

What you see?

Give me a rea-

Son to be me


Act to my pleas

I’m begging you please

At least

Act like we

Got something

Met em he


Im babbling

I’m Gambling

Now it’s my mouth and your ears

Put them to use and then steer

My vibes are causing me fear

Shattered reflection in mirrors

Your words are coming in clear

A tad bit too fierce

Ears are open, mind is sealed

Then come the tears

This is all from the soul

I can’t control

My mental ghouls

life is cruel

then it goes

Then it goes

Can somebody

lend a tool

My thoughts are all

in the Sewers

Rats they feast

on me what fools

I’m manure

that has matured

Life is cruel

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