La Luna and Sun

The valley is too dry for morning dew

The sun is too excited to hold back,

But a radiating soul can cause on others a bad mood

The spirit of the sun flies high

There are no limits when you can look up,

Even when you’ve reached the sky

The sun once lived like us on ground

But something always begged him to move,

He traveled by foot following the sounds

They led him to an ocean past the pacific

A journey passed down as prolific,

Leaving a taste of wanderlust they call exquisite.

He embarked on a ship to reach the source,

The young captain of the ship confused by the sun’s question,

He’s never sailed past his usual course.

“Nonetheless! Adventure is my middle name!

I refuse!… To ever refuse a promising quest!”

The captain yelled and excitedly claimed.

That night,

The waves were rolling deep!

The ship rocked too violent for sleep!

Was this a mistake?! Is there still a way to leave?!


Fear is the killer of souls and dilutes it’s shine

Choosing this path is a destiny,

Like the captain, the Sun refuses fear this time.

Charcoal clouds and heartless rain cover the sky,

The horizon! A titanic wave can be seen forming!

Eye contact from both, knowing adventure’s risk to die.

In that moment,

The Young Captain removes his hat,

To the sun’s surprise,

A fierce woman!

At the brink of death, there’s more that meets the eye!

The captain yells to the sun while steering the ship,

” Luna! remember my name!

Old men regret their path to die,

Take it from me,

To choose your death is the way of life,

On my ship,


Crumbles and always will die!

Only the brave step foot on her wooden planks!

We run towards what excites us with no question why!”

She looks at the sun and says,

“Mortals sink and mortals swim, but we

Are beyond that life and choose to fly!”

Without a hesitation in mind,

The captain opens the ship’s sails and the ship charges for the wave!

The wind, The sun, and Luna,

They scream in unison as they climb up towards the lightning rays!

Sailing into and past the clouds,

They’ve reached the wave’s top but the ship continues to fly!

Loud and clear, they’ve reached the sounds

It’s everything that The Sun had hoped for,

The graves of dreamers screaming from cemetery grounds,

Joyous screams as they watched the young soul fly

They lived their dreams through him,

And now they rest easy,

Knowing La Luna and Sun,

Light the sky.

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Thank you for all that you do,

The sweat from your pores

They dribble down without a regret

Thank you for all that you do,

The effort for practice

Was the effort as if it was the test.

Thank you for all that you do,

The work that was put in today

Will leave you with a comfortable rest.

Thank you for all that you do,

The seeds that you sowed this season

So we can have a harvest the next

Urges of mine

Urges urges urges

They fill my mind like an obsession

Failed attempts at a different thought as I’m dragged back to that section

Section of sex, music, and dreams

I never claimed for it to be a negative prison of schemes

I only say

Out of all the thoughts in the world,

They run mine.

I’ll have a blank mind and my eyes will see signs

Busy with work, my mind will stop time.

Just to have a minute,

A moment with these urges of mine

The rain stopped

Cashier: “Next!

Good morning how are you?

Customer: …

Have a good day.


Good morning how are you?

Customer: …

Have a good day.


Good morning how are you?

Customer: …

Have a good day.

Next! Goo…”

Customer interrupts with a smile and excitement in his voice,” Good morning! How you doing today!?”

Cashier smiles with surprise,” Oh I’m doing good! Thanks for asking! I hope you have a nice day!”

The rain stopped.


*whistle blows*

Everyone from the break room cease their conversations and thoughts. They look up to the guards of the institution responsible for their social conditioning. Although the people don’t quite understand the psychology, they know enough to know that they are being controlled by the guards.

“Who are they protecting?” They would always ask. Some of the veterans of the institution would speak of the, ” Back in my day…” conversation, but instead of being ignored, the opposite would occur. Everyone would swiftly silence a perpetrator of interrupting the speaking veteran.

Today happened to be one of those days. One of the veterans remained in his seat waiting for everyone to disperse out of the room, meanwhile he said,

” Back in my day, there were no questions about who the guards were protecting. But these days, I can’t tell if we are the package or the threat.

The guards would have life in their eyes and joy on their face, but now, I see hate and disgust.

When did we get to this point?”

There was a group of people crowding the door, stopping to listen to the veteran. They looked at each other not breathing a word, then looked down and proceeded through the exit.

As they continued dispersing through the exit, the veteran had unfinished thoughts protruding through his skin causing him to shake with anxiety. He closes his eyes and tears begin to sprint down his face. He clenches his teeth and wrinkles detail his face. He stands keeping his eyes shut and his face down.

“What happened to freedom?!”

A silent shock stains the room.

“What happened to Everything I’ve worked for!?

What happens Now!?”

His words carry the pain his soul has silently endured. He’s been employed by the system for 30 years, and each year they’ve delayed his departure.

*Intercom turns on.

Voice from intercom*

Lou. Head back to your office, you are causing a delay. I won’t repeat myself.

*Intercom turns off*

Lou clenches his fists while keeping his head down and letting his tears dribble to the ground. As the crowd of people begin to return to their offices, Lou quickly punches the wall next to him with a perfect posture of a boxer, causing everyone to return their attention to Lou.

Lou’s hand begins to bleed from the force of his punch. He yells again.

” All you sheep will repeat history!

All of you!

Unless you, brave soul hidden amongst the crowd of the fearful, take action and plant tomorrow’s seeds for change!

Let me be the reason!

Let me be the Martyr!

Let me be of some value to your life!…

As well as Mine.”

The room is frozen for 1 long second. A masterpiece etched into the eyes of those who witnessed this moment.

Suddenly, Lou bolts towards a group of metal chairs that lay in front of a window overseeing a sunset that paints the sky and the city with purple and orange. He grabs one of the chairs and throws it at the window, causing it to shatter. He continues running towards the broken window.

“LOU, NO!!!” One of the young men yells from the crowd as he runs after him.

Lou jumps through and while in mid air, he turns to look at the young man and points at him saying the words,” You’re Free.”

Lou falls 20 stories to his death. In the papers, it is remembered as the most embarrassing death in the city’s history.

In the office among the shackled legs, it’s a constant reminder that the revolution for change has already begun.


Right: can we play!

Left: After we finish

Right: But it’s been so long!

Left: It’s been an hour…

Right: Well it feels like forever!

Left: *silence*

Right: Don’t ignore me! You know I don’t like talking to myself!

Left: if I had a face and a palm, they would be in along committed relationship

Right: …what does that mean?

Left: nothing. I give up, you can have your turn now.

Right: YAYY!!!

Wait don’t sleep! I want you to be here and help me when I mess up.

Left: whatever you want…


What’s the point of it all?

Happy or Sad, It’s on my mind.

It prevents my attendance in the moment of the living.

The brands.

The interactions.

The events and roles we live by.

Where are the social events outside of the present?

Won’t find any…

So I plan my own.

I plan them at random hours of the day

And celebrate in the perfect times of the night.

I make due of all the preparations

And exhaust them perfectly.

So if the gears rotate in harmony,

Why does it feel like something is out of place?

Searching for the answer among what’s familiar will bring more confusion.

It’s the world of uncomfortability that brings forth a new perspective.

With new perspectives comes new insights.

Change is good.

A change of scenery should help with my dying mind.

A Piece of mind

There’s no greater peace of mind than knowing you’ve done everything you can to be where you are at today.

There’s no greater evil in mind than knowing you could have done more.

Time Lapse

I have a bridge within myself, while everyone has walls.

I’m open to the lessons and feedback,

but now is not the time to teach,

the knowledge would fall.

A master of his trade doesn’t bother with the superficial curiosity.

They only mentor the student willing to sacrifice his ego and time

The future is looking bleak

But I’ve been watering my plants,

The time will come where the seeds of mine

will require new soil

A new garden will emerge

With new species of flowers

And a new beauty will design the world

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