Hey everyone, been away but not gone. My writing has improved so much that I felt it was time to evolve my art. Please take the time to listen to my song abominal, the lyrics posted as well, I appreciate all feedback, thanks again for sticking around


You’re inside my heart

Abominal place

You caught all my love

A bomb has been laced

Covered with hugs

Depressional phase

Ill I am meant

Destroying your place

Act like the feds

And run up my plates

Falling in love

To win is the loser

Im hating this race


The women I talk to

Scratch out the flakes

Who placed the fault to the stars I been placed

Scorpio love

A heavenly place

Raising all hell

To people that fell

Boot them with haste

Clipping the dead

A master, I’m ace

Stare at my soul

I’ve welcomed my fate

Ignoring the laws

Sith in my veins


All of the growth I nurtured in you

All of the clouds I painted then blue

Play in this game, I’m playing the fool

How can you look at me like I am stabbing you, uh

Why don’t you see I’m falling in love with you, uh

Misery loving my company, why can’t you?, uh

Listen my love can be so end a less

You’re role is my love, not analyst

Hate on all wars but chose to enlist

Don’t get so comfortable, this


Love will not die

Let me inside

I am your shield When you’re trying to hide

Potion in hand, let’s drink it on five

Take me to the rooftop

I wanna see the world when I stop breathing, turnin’ blue (blue)

Tell me love is endless, don’t be so pretentious

Leave me like you do (like you do)

I’ve counted the days

I’m buried alive

My minds in a haze

I’m ready to die

Pass me the bottle

The poison inside

Cures all the pain

I’ve hidden from eyes

The blood in my veins

Is colder than ice

It burns all the woman

That try to imply

My heart is still warm

I freeze them inside

And shatter their dreams

It’s pain till I die

This is my path

Purple with circle in eyes

I still got life

Pass on this knowledge

The fool can be wise

The reaper is coming

Closing the circle to life

No home in my circle

I nomad this hole i call life

Finding my place

Like stars in the sky

Dibs on the sun

Shining like I got a reason to fly

What is my reason

I’m asking you why

committing me treason

we not intertwined?

I’ll pull out your heart

Replace it with mine

Feel all the shatter

Glass mix in wine

A couple so perfect

Why couldn’t mine?

Broken together

The joke of my life

Met you too early

Fuck all the words of the wise

They got no courage to question their mind

Liquid in spine

Bend with the wave

Not when it’s mine

Love in the truth

Lies are too easy too find

I scavenge through shadows To find all my light

There I found you

Now you see why My love is so blind

My heart in your hand

Read me the lines


Read me my lines

Take me to the rooftop

I wanna see the world when I stop breathing, turnin’ blue (blue)

Tell me love is endless, don’t be so pretentious

Leave me like you do (like you do)

Produced by @poppa (YouTube)

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Kingdom of Glass

Trust is a powerful idea

I’ve never met you before today and yet

You ask me to trust you?

To surrender my line of defense and let you walk into my glass kingdom?

Fragile indeed

Walking through my streets you will realize I’m not who I am portrayed to be

I’ve built my kingdom from the ground and there I birthed my pride.

I designed it all so that all my guests can marvel at my art

Unfortunately, some visitors ran with some and left shattered glass on their way out

and that’s when I realized,

Not everyone is worthy of walking within my halls

Only a few can appreciate the divine energy that exists in this kingdom.

My answer is no.

I don’t see you fit to walk amongst my stained glass.

Prove your worth, and trust will follow, but it never leads.

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Scars with names

Your name echoes in my vocal cords

You charred my temple with that inciting flame.

I can’t enter my mind without seeing your print.

Yet I blame,

myself for letting you in.

I have ten locks on my door including face ID

But you’re a special type of locksmith

You walk right in without forging a key.

Your only tool is a smile that melts at a million degrees.

How are we supposed to compete?

Man is defenseless with all of the muscle,

But I know the trick to the treat,

I”m not the one to stand by and weep,

You provided me the secret I need.

You tore down all of my walls,

But forgot they had a set of eyes that can see

They witnessed the heel,

The snake in me cannot resist

Exploiting your weakness and make you atone for your sins.

As I prey,

A storm approaches and the clouds are all greyed,

Black in the water and winds of dismay,

A ship can be seen among it all,

That shall be me with a scar of your name,

A bullet the same,

If your eyes ever meet me again.

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The Way Of The world

Salute to the time, solution of mine

digging it deeper than unsolved crimes

discover the meaning to love that is blind

ignoring the value to the weaving of signs

Art in the form

forming a heart

beating to pulp

the blood of an ox

Rising in action

reflecting the stocks

plummet the market

reduce it to rocks

flow of the world

knock it like box

Muhammad ali

A sting in the string

swing in my heart swinging the child in me

stabbed with the dagger of greedy economy

Series of ego suicides

method: lobotomy

proving the facts to hypothesis

flipping the truth like coins of dichotomy

the side of the other

opposing the view without staining the blood of the brothers

genius in mind, throne of the weight on my shoulders


Born genius? Luck? Divine intuition?

The answer is no, instead, it is the sheer willpower to excel that defines mastery. Filled with examples of great triumphs from history as well as failures, this well written and organized piece by Robert Greene greatly describes the grit required to achieve anything we dream.

The final chapter in this book, “Reversal” describes the root cause for failure in our feats:

” The reversal to mastery is to deny its existence or its importance, and therefore the need to strive for it in any way.” – Robert Greene

This statement impacted me deeply. It attacked the negative thoughts of my youth screaming that I am not worthy and it’s destiny for someone to be great. This book helped me realize my confidence in the activities that dictate my happiness. In the past, I was convinced that these activities are a waste of time, per the words of the people around me. Now, I understand that they are essential for my understanding of my role in life and how I can make a difference or participate with the world in a greater way.

I recommend this book to anyone looking for guidance in life. A direction or a sign telling them what is right or where to move forward. A very easy and informative read with plenty of examples that are relatable thanks to the explanations of Greene.

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Overwhelming Sadness

I’ve missed you

This cold, empty, yet painful feeling

You make me feel alive

You are the sex I need when I’m feeling dead

It’s not fun caressing your body,

but it feels like home

You have this overwhelming control over me,

I don’t know what I would do without you

Would I even exist?

Was I put into this world to endure your wrath?

I wish I had a friend to confide with

But the lessons remind me that I’m alone

Their faces of judgment still haunt me

Without saying a word, they’ve said enough

I leave their presence with a smile

Knowing they will fuel more memories

That you and I will recall in a future, cold

and lonely night



bottle in one hand

empty on the other

Drink it all down so they can match each other

Fuck it

Three’s a crowd

with the way I’ve been feeling

I’d say I’m a disappointment to my mother

Down speed, I’m flying past my milestones

Never look back, full throttle to my new home

Smile on my face

I’m feeling so alive

It feels so great knowing that one day I will die

Fuck the sadness

Fuck emotions,

I’m always so in tune

I can strum a depressing melody during any moon


One day…

One day…

Some day

I’ll surrender it all

One day …

Some day

This pain will dissolve

Reality calls,

but I’m never finished with my dreams,

Death seems right,

When life always seems off

One day…

Some day

My vices will solve

One day…

Some day

I won’t need them at all


The inhalation

I return to the life you know

But slowly,

I retract into my realm,

The realm where you are uninvited,

The realm where I find peace in my exhale

My relief,

Yet, this realm is your propaganda to make me seem ill

Not a single cough or sneeze interrupts my breath

Yet, you insist that I am sick

That I am irregular,


But please, explain your halitosis.

Sweet Sand

Through my sandy life

The tumbleweed grows

Collecting all the joys and pains of times

From desert streets

To grassy plains, it roamed

Such is life if you let go


Blood Lines

Blood flows thicker than water

The ties are wrapped tight, preventing a ponder

The blood is flowing down the tree

Staining every branch

like a canvas of a masterpiece

Are we pawns or knights

to a king or queen?

Or are we the players in control of the entire piece?

Is there a choice

or an illusion of will?

Like an illusion of good

when a victim’s choice is to kill or be killed

A defender whose fate was a victim of hate,

A civilian whose innocence was robbed away

The power of choice can breed a greed

Within our minds and trick beliefs

That we are above those who only need

A moment of grace and sliver of peace

Flow with change or be still as stone

Hold your ground or freely roam

Live in blue or die in red

To be like water is to have an edge

To be unwilling is to dance with death

To have a start is to have an end

When In Rome, I think to Myself

I found a lot of significance in this piece shared by a fellow artist and I want it to spread to the eyes of you all. It inspired a couplet in my cauldron I call my brain:

To hell with those expecting heaven,

To heaven those enduring hell.

Please allow the time to read the original work linked at the bottom. Thank you so much for reading!

Scattered bites of joy in the face of abject suffering Prying kindness off forked tongues (Must I wrest my happy from the jaws of monsters?) Satiating bloodlust of the drunken masses (If I relish this small joy I found, will it land like salt on your unhealed wounds?) Don’t look to me to ease your […]

via Fiddling While Rome Burns — Ebony and Crows

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