Kingdom of Glass

Trust is a powerful idea

I’ve never met you before today and yet

You ask me to trust you?

To surrender my line of defense and let you walk into my glass kingdom?

Fragile indeed

Walking through my streets you will realize I’m not who I am portrayed to be

I’ve built my kingdom from the ground and there I birthed my pride.

I designed it all so that all my guests can marvel at my art

Unfortunately, some visitors ran with some and left shattered glass on their way out

and that’s when I realized,

Not everyone is worthy of walking within my halls

Only a few can appreciate the divine energy that exists in this kingdom.

My answer is no.

I don’t see you fit to walk amongst my stained glass.

Prove your worth, and trust will follow, but it never leads.

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Scars with names

Your name echoes in my vocal cords

You charred my temple with that inciting flame.

I can’t enter my mind without seeing your print.

Yet I blame,

myself for letting you in.

I have ten locks on my door including face ID

But you’re a special type of locksmith

You walk right in without forging a key.

Your only tool is a smile that melts at a million degrees.

How are we supposed to compete?

Man is defenseless with all of the muscle,

But I know the trick to the treat,

I”m not the one to stand by and weep,

You provided me the secret I need.

You tore down all of my walls,

But forgot they had a set of eyes that can see

They witnessed the heel,

The snake in me cannot resist

Exploiting your weakness and make you atone for your sins.

As I prey,

A storm approaches and the clouds are all greyed,

Black in the water and winds of dismay,

A ship can be seen among it all,

That shall be me with a scar of your name,

A bullet the same,

If your eyes ever meet me again.

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A Hell of a Son

It’s been some time now since the occurrence of my faux injuries.

The thought of saddling up to the two-wheeled machine unleashes attacks of anxiety and panic on me.

What’s worse is my soul decays as a result of being away from the ride.

I’m stuck between the clash of two of the strongest forces,

Fear and Passion.

Such utter pity. Mother, you bore a hell of a son.

Ignorance would be a blissfulness for it would dissolve the fear I feel.

A lobotomy would fill that void!

“The Irony.”  I whisper, “Ha! A sense remains! Humor!”

A tear slides down my face as I am consumed by the room’s silence

OH! what a tragedy! This life of paralyzing indecision. I am cast as a tragic comfort to the tale of happiness because happy endings don’t exist without some suffering, and SOMEONE has to suffer!

Just not the heroin or the princess…

For that would create havoc among the desired peace.

Another moment of long silence.

I feel a personality rising to face. A knock at the door of my mind. I hear it as if it was a door that existed in the physical dimension.

“No! Please! I’m not ready to go back! I don’t want to sit in that prison again! Please!”

Amidst my yells,

My face becomes blank.

My eyes go cold.

Slowly, a smile creeps from the depths of my insanity and my eyes rejuvenate with a slightly different tone.

“Well now, that wasn’t so bad. You’ve had your share and I have an itch that needs satisfying.” I said to myself and giggled lowly.

“Oh, mother, you were such a fair woman. How unfortunate for you to end up with me, a hell of a son.”

I can’t help but hysterically laugh at the eery life I live!

I dance to the pleasure of my insanity and the power it holds!

I crashed that motorcycle and my INSIGNIFICANT other took rein of this mind and body and made cowardice of it!

No more! I’m the true captain, and he is a worthless pirate ignorant of passion and art!

“I’ll make you proud mother, I’ll show you that we are worth more than a bedridden bother! I’ll take reins of that engine once more and I’ll ride through town and force the eyes of beholders to witness my fearlessness!”

I limp towards the door, again, with my faux injuries, and pushing the door open, but with no avail. It is locked from the other side.

“Mother? Please open the door.” I began to quiver in my voice as I plead, “Mother?! Please!”

I heard a woman in heels approach the door from the other side and she slides open the little window that was installed into the door.

“Hello Arthur, how are you to-”

“Don’t call me by that worthless name, Bitch!” I interrupted her with a roar that I quickly regretted,” Wait! wait! I’m sorry I didn’t mean that. I. I haven’t had much sleep or sun lately and I’m extremely irritable right now, I apologize.”

She halfheartedly smiles to me,” How are you today, Symphony?”

“Oh…” I close my eyes and bite my lip,” The way you say my name can pacify any demon that walks among you and I, love. To answer your question, I am feeling very depressed and would love to feel the light of day on my skin, if that’s not too much to ask.”

“Why that is never a request too large to be fulfilled, but if you lose control of your attitude one more time you will leave me no choice but to immediately bring you back to your room.” She responds with complete empathy.

I rejoice with happiness through tears that build up in my eyes,” Thank you, love! In all my life, you are the only one that has ever shown such grace to me. If situations were different, I would dedicate my life to create a world worthy of your love, Lucy.”

She takes the bait and smiles with enthusiasm,” It’s my pleasure Symphony, I know you don’t deserve to be here, you seem perfectly healthy, ignoring the lack of nutrition that is.”

She closes the window and opens the door and escorts me to the asylum’s garden.

Opportunity, such an addicting drug. One glance and man would leave their whole life behind to grasp it and never let go, no matter the consequences.

As we walk through the garden, I see the motorcycle they have displayed for aesthetics. All the other patients are convinced it’s a dud, but my suspicions were cleared once I snagged the keys from one of the maintenance employees.

I couldn’t resist a smile to my following thought,

-Arthur, prepare yourself for a wild ride, you are at your best when you are the passenger to my piloting.-

“What’s with the big smile, Symphony?” Lucy asked with joy.

I gently grab her hand and stroke her fingers with intense care, “I just keep wondering whether silk holds emotions, and if they did, they would be jealous of your skin. I would be too if I held pride in my texture and had to live among your shadow.”

She blushes, ” You’re always out to make me feel special for whatever reason.”

” And here I thought my intentions were obvious.” I looked into her eyes as I said this with a smile. I saw her innocence and her hopes in my recovery through her eyes. An angel is what she is, and a devil I am. My only intentions are to ride that motorcycle out of here by any means necessary.

“Forgive me, Lucy.” I bend down to kiss her and she ceased her resistance after a brief attempt. After releasing my lips from hers, I push her down and I sprint towards the motorcycle while pulling the keys to it out of my pocket.

I hear her screaming out to me but I can’t make out the words. I keep focus on my opportunity and I refuse to let go of it. I reach the motorcycle and I turn the ignition.

The engine comes to life and I yell with excitement! I switch it into gear and try the gas, and that’s when it happened, my realization.

I’m never getting out of here.

I tried the gas making the engine roar, but the tires weren’t connected to the bike. It was an engine and frame sitting on a statue of tires. Worthless.

Tears uncontrollably run down my face like a river flowing within a storm. I sat there on top of the frame with my arms hanging down my sides in surrender as the guards ran after me.

They dragged me back to my padded room as I refused to use my legs and acknowledge anyone that came to lecture me.

I was kneeling on both knees at the center of my room and heard the little window on the door slide open. It was Lucy.

“Hey Symphony, can I get you anything?” She asked with sadness in her voice.

“Yes.” I allow a moment of silence before my request,” Arthur and I were wondering if you could bring us some rope. We have a longing urge to play tug of war with the ceiling.”

Lucy doesn’t respond, instead, she slowly closes the little window and I listened to her heels distancing away from the door to my room.

I begin to sing softly. Music calms the thoughts in my head.


Anatomy of a Ceiling Fan

Home is where the heart is and the heart is always home.

Wherever you may roam, your darkness will follow.

You can convince yourself of lies that you are happy due to a difference in location, atmosphere, people, but the reality remains that you are unhappy within yourself.

This may only strike true for me, but people don’t admit this truth until further down their life and choose a life of false happiness. A silky road.

The cobblestone of truth remains a road less traveled.

The ceiling fan doesn’t stop rotating until commanded

Although, I am not the commander in chief. I am but a pawn amongst pawns but I hold a higher rank

In the darkness of this room, with light entering yellow and slanted

I realize that I am unhappy. Dis-eased, filled with negative emotions of the rawest form and how do I react!? Blank.

My soul has become titanium, causing my body to be stiff.

Automated, emotionless, cold.

I recall the night I prayed- No not pray, BEGGED, to any and all higher powers,

” Please, relinquish this pain, give me the strength to repel all of these emotions no matter the price. I am poor of money but I am rich with desperation and I shall commit to any sacrifice.”

Everything has a price. A debt with no option of mitigation. How many of these requests can we make in life?

I accept the consequences of my actions and understand my position in life.

As I continue staring at the ceiling fan creating the circle with five rectangular blades. This fan is defying its role, completely rebelling its anatomy to become a different shape!

I realize that I am far from immobile.

My soul is not condemned to a state of self-pity and negativity, Matter of factly, with this new understanding, it has only just begun its journey.


Open Mic: The Nomad

*Disclaimer* I advise you to open a separate tab and read the Act with this instrumental playing in the background to get the full experience of this piece:

(Put the loop setting on by right-clicking on the video, this way you don’t have to constantly be switching back and forth between screens.)


A man makes his way to the stage of a small dim-lit lounge. It’s open mic night and it’s been a while since anyone volunteered to speak.

“I got something to say!” The man begins with a stern voice. He looks onto the dark crowd but only sees lights shining at him.

“No one’s going to motivate you better than you to be what you want to be. Sure, they’ll support you from arm’s length, but kind words are anything but rare. It’s a show for them.”

They say:

‘ I wonder how long he’ll last.’

‘ I hope he makes it, maybe he’ll help me if he does.’

‘ Hopefully, someone helps him through this journey.’

Sure it’s polite to wish good on someone, but if we are talking about the grit of what it takes to come out successful, you will need more than kind words.

How about a friend that offers you a ride? A sibling that offers assistance in obtaining a key ingredient to the success of what you’re after? A partner that agrees to assume an equal amount of risk and effort to greater improve the odds of the reward?

We as pioneers that venture the unknown, openly accept individuals with this mindset that prove worthy of help. Unfortunately, the world is obsessed with minimal work and risk and expect a high reward. Well, it’s only fortunate for them I suppose.

To hell with them! It’s a business for them, but I am here to revive the love of art and adventure! They’ll see it in my face while I’m walking around, they’ll say,

‘ This guy has seen some things that I never will.’

Damn right! I’ll tell you all about it when you buy me some food and drinks!

Now that I’ve got your attention, let me begin…”


The man plays a jazzy instrumental that persuades the foot of a listening ear to tap. He begins his oral performance:

Traversing the open air and seas

You never know who you’re gonna meet

Culture’s conjoined to mysteries

I am prepared for all of this

Surprises that counter my benefit

Blessings that broaden the list, of what I wish

Moving by boat,

Moving by plane,

Moving just so I don’t

Go insane

The start of a voyage includes a couple things,

Anxiety, worry, excitedness, hurry,

Deprivation of sleep,

Sometimes a vision that’s blurry,

Moods that are curry,

Honestly, everything’s bleak

Until you reach

The first stop in Venice Beach,

Women are walking with beauty and poise,

Free of dead noise,

Inhaling pure life, these places are toys

Onto the next,

Where the food is the best,


No money, no incoming checks

Surviving on wit

No higher pleasure than this

We make it past,

Central America,

cross it fast,

Head to Columbia,

Find a boat to cross to the

Islands sitting south of the

Miami, Florida

This is now the route to get back

Our sight of the world is no longer black

We’ve laid down some tracks

Don’t count up the countries just add up the memories

Moving through cities that offer epiphanies

You must agree with me,

Stagnancy’s sin to me

Once I’m back home, I’m walking a different me

Another experience under my belt

This one was great,

The last one was hell,

We can’t be picky some things can’t be helped

Now that I’m home,


I got things to show, and stories to tell.




Ebook coming soon

The reality of publishing a book is coming soon! I’ve submitted my ebook version already but I need to finish formatting the paperback version so that will come later on. I did add an option to provide a discount (I believe it’s actually free) to the paperback version with the purchase of the ebook.

I’m very excited about this feat I’m going to accomplish. My main goal is to be able to share my writing with a larger audience and make an impact on their lives. Whether it be a minor impact or a life-changing positive impact.

I began thinking about how you all have also helped me improve by providing pieces for me to read and feedback that I’ve been gifted. I continuously want to improve my writing and it excites me realizing which areas I’ve mastered.

I’ll keep you updated. Thanks for reading and enjoy the rest of your day/night!


I’m stuck with them, day and night

And you are unaware

At least that’s what my eyes perceive

My mind’s not clouded by the simple things in life

Although I am obsessed with the world of dreams

Am I lead astray?

Are you pure water, but I added taste?

Were we both high, but only mine was laced?


I romanticized our time together, but your adrenaline was all at face

I’d be a fool to apologize

to reject the masonry that gives me form

My heart’s at sleeve

camouflaged with tattoo ink to shield the muscle that’s been torn

It’s too easy to be like you

Pretending not to care,

We both live in planets of imaginary

I just wish we were breathing the same air

Parallel in our fantasies

A vibration that God’s considered rare

My heart still beats so I’ll be on my way

Another meal for my underlying narcissistic traits

Feeding my immortal sense of taste

It whispers to me,” Coming are the Days

Where your will gets its way”

This divine energy

Always finds its place

Our chapter’s at its end

I crushed the story without leaving any crumbs to trace

Surprise shouldn’t fill you when you see the empty in my gaze


Genuine Commodity

Make an emoji that can describe the way I feel

Explaining myself doesn’t suffice to be regarded as real

Stay in the grey

This is our home

Play it more safe

Adapt to the drones

continue to mitigate the feeling of being alone

A number of ties surround my neck

Unkown to which has my interest at best

Ties to my family

Ties to society

Ties to my paradox insanity

Which should I wear?

They all feel the same when they choke me without a reason to spare

My cynicism resuscitates me

Breathing real life into me

A moment that spares me a lifetime of agony

Genuine happiness is a commodity

Similar to gold but more rare.

Remember, Joker

I provided a link to my song,” remember”

I consider it to be poetry and I loved the way it came out. I don’t have fancy recording equipment or an experienced voice but I still like how it sounded.

I watched the Joker movie today and it’s the best movie I’ve seen in a long while. I highly recommend it if you’re into psychological thrillers or Batman. Definitely an R rated movie so be aware.

Just wanted to update you on what I’ve been working on. Hope you like it! Let me know!

Piano Keys

Piano keys hang around my neck

Complimenting the absence of my music

A fashion statement for my own pleasure and radar for artists around me

They mention that they tried to resist intruding but their soul just wouldn’t allow it

They just HAD to compliment my necklace

It may look like it’s only two individuals talking but in a different dimension

It’s two matches in an ocean rubbing against each other, thus, creating a flame

A magnetic bond that only few experience and fewer sacrifice

A small thought is all it takes

A small gesture that fills the void in others

We are all too similar in this vast ocean where the idea of coincidence is overly cherished

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